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ITS-AX3 Barrier Gate Anti-Smashing Millimeter Wave Radar

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ITS-AX3 barrier gate anti-smashing radar is developed with distance and range adjustable. It adopts advanced MIMO radar system and integrated signal processing algorithm, which can effectively detect vehicles, pedestrians, etc. with accurate ranging and stable performance,it can be widely used in the field of traffic control.The product can significantly improve the efficiency of entrance and exit traffic and improve the safety performance of pedestrians and vehicles.


1. Widely used in different application:  The detection area can be defined by the control terminal, environment learning on site, suitable for straight arm type barrier.

2. Advanced signal processing technology: Stable detection of pedestrians and vehicles, effectively prevent "smashing vehicle" and "smashing people";

3. Compact design: Compact size, low power consumption and easy installation, directly installation on the gate control box;

4. All-weather, all-day work, strong environmental adaptability;

5. With RS485 or Bluetooth communication function, to achieve effective and rapid parameter configuration;

6. Long service life, radar life can reach 3-5 years;

7. Log cycle storage function, convenient for the count of vehicle entry and exit information which could be used to the feed in of big data systems.