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UAV-H30 Height Measuring Millimeter Wave Radar

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UAV-H30 radar is a multi-target Height Measuring Millimeter Wave Radar. It works at 79GHz frequency band with less than 2cm height measuring accuracy. small size, high sensitivity, low weight and easy to integrated with and very stable performance. UAV-H30 is capable of detecting the height of both the crops and the ground surfaceat the same time. it can be used in various complex terrain environments, and for different applications such as UAV flying platforms, agricultural UAV, helicopters, small airships, etc..


1- Multiple Object Measuring. It’s capcable of measuring the height of crops  and ground at the same time.

2- It can be applied stably to the height measuring of high pole crops.

3- Good stability even when the altitude change caused by the attitude orientations of the aircraft flight.

4- All-weather All-day working capability.Small size and low power consumption.

5- Strong anti-interference capability and easy to integrate to the UAV Flight Control System.

6- It could output the height information of three targets at the same time to solve the flight of high pole vegetation.