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ITS-AX2 barrier gate anti-smashing millimeter wave radar

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ITS-AX2 barrier gate control radar is developed for the entrance and exit management of parking lots or underground garages. It can precisely control the rising and falling of the gate rod by cooperating with the main control board of the gate control system, which could effectively avoid the "accidental injury" of the barrier boom to the passing vehicles or pedestrians in the radar field of view, and realize intelligent anti smashing.

ITS-AX2 radar adopts the highly integrated RF chip SOC scheme, which has the characteristics of small size, low cost, all-weather working capability, high detection sensitivity, high precision, easy to debug&installation, very good stability and reliability.

The working frequency of the radar is 79GHz, with Linear Frequency Modulation and Continuous Waveform, which makes the available bandwidth up to 4GHz. The range resolution is up to 4cm, and ranging accuracy is better than 2cm. The radar antenna adopts multiple transmitting and multiple receiving design that enables the radar good angular resolution and high angle measuring accuracy. The onboard signal processing and control unit apply the DSP&ARM dual core architecture. Through the joint optimization design of software and hardware, this product can accurately identify and distinguish the pedestrian, vehicle and other targets passing through the barrier boom area, and avoid the phenomena of "smashing the vehicle", "smashing the person" and "not dropping the barrier boom".


1-Bluetooth mode,Mobile APP debugging;

2-Basic surge/shielding and protection functions;

3-Imported chips;

4-Industrial grade components;