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Since its establishment, the company has always adhered to the entrepreneurial spirit of “exciting enthusiasm and seeking truth and sincerity”. We have always practiced the culture and values ​​of “safety first, quality first” and integrated the excellent product approach into every detail to show the infinite possibilities of technology. The company relies on well-known college professors and doctors as the team to continuously absorb young IT elites. Establish a team of skilled entrepreneurs with excellent skills, excellent style and full of vigor. The team's technical personnel in radar system design, antenna, hardware and software have more than 10 years of professional experience. After continuous optimization of algorithms and test demonstration, the team It has achieved key technological breakthroughs, filled the gaps of domestic automotive 77G millimeter radar manufacturers, and has independent intellectual property rights.

    The company closely follows the market demand and conducts in-depth research on the civilianization of radar technology. The team will continue to strengthen research and development, polish products, improve quality, innovate constantly, build independent intellectual property rights barriers, give play to core technological advantages, strengthen product mass production capacity, expand market share of millimeter wave radar, and rapidly grow into domestic famous and international excellent in a few years. Commercial radar supplier.

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