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Microbrain and TI work together to promote the development of millimeter wave radar industry

time:2019-04-26Publishing source:Views:

With the rapid development of intelligent and networked high-tech products, a new generation of information technology and sensors are deeply integrated, and related industries such as electronics and information are closely linked and developed in concert. Millimeter wave radar sensors are widely used in the field of intelligent industries.

On April 22, 2019, TI senior product manager visited Changsha microbrain Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. The two parties reached a strategic cooperation agreement on technology and procurement for 77GHz millimeter wave radar, jointly innovated and developed, and promoted the development of millimeter wave radar applications in the smart industry.

Texas Instruments (Texas Instruments), referred to as TI, is a world-leading semiconductor design and manufacturing company that develops analog ICs and embedded processors. It employs the world's smartest elites to create innovative technologies that affect the future. Changsha Microbrain Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. also focuses on the research and development of innovative technologies and serves customers with high-quality products and technologies. The company's good industry development prospects are an important reason for promoting the cooperation between the two parties in millimeter wave radar sensor products and solutions.

The chairman of the company, Mr. Chen Haowen, warmly received guests from afar on behalf of the company. Accompanied by the heads of various departments, he visited the company’s microwave anechoic chamber and assembly workshop. During the visit, the company’s escort gave customers detailed products. Introduction and professional answers to the questions raised by guests.

The abundant professional knowledge and high-quality work ability of the company staff also left a deep impression on the guests. TI expressed full affirmation and recognition of Microbrain's products, and conducted in-depth discussions on long-term cooperation. Both parties discussed the company's strength , The development plan and the product sales situation were exchanged in detail. The person in charge of the company's R&D presented the work "Analysis and Application of Multi-Transmit and Multi-Receive Radar System" published by Chairman Chen Haowen in Science Press to TI guests.

TI’s senior product manager said, “More than professional R&D capabilities are the foundation of technological innovation. Your company’s outstanding technological innovation is the driving force for industry change. We very much hope to cooperate with your company for a long-term and in-depth cooperation, give full play to the advantages of both parties, and jointly promote millimeter waves. Radar industry development".