The increasingly complicated road traffic environment has prompted China's requirements for intelligent traffic management systems to be intelligent, comprehensive, accurate and real-time. To meet this requirement, we must rely on reliable real-time and accurate detection data, including big data. Geomagnetic, video and radar detection methods provide multi-mode data, and the technical advantages of millimeter-wave radar can be extremely important applications in the field of intelligent transportation. Millimeter wave radar is an important vehicle detection method. It can collect objective and effective road traffic information, obtain basic data such as traffic flow, vehicle speed, road occupancy, vehicle spacing, vehicle type, etc., thus purposefully realize monitoring, control, and Intelligent means of analysis, decision-making, scheduling, and grooming, an important component of modern social intelligent transportation systems.

Product solution

Traffic flow detection, speed measurement 79GHz radar
Vehicle long-distance forward 79GHz radar
Vehicle short-range 79GHz radar


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