In the operation of robots, we must first have the ability to sense the environment. The environment-aware technology mainly means that the mobile robot can acquire the environmental information of the surrounding environment according to the sensor carried by the mobile robot, and extract the effective feature information in the environment to process and understand, and finally express the environment by establishing a model of the environment. Information such as the distance, angle, size and shape of the obstacle.

Environmental awareness is mainly used in robot obstacle avoidance work. Robot obstacle avoidance is one of the most basic and most critical functions in robot technology. It means that when the mobile robot senses that there are static or dynamic obstacles on its planned route during the walking process, it will update the path in real time according to a certain algorithm. , bypass the obstacles and finally reach the target position.

The current robot sensing methods mainly include visual recognition, millimeter wave radar, ultrasonic, laser radar, structured light, etc. Each sensing method has its own advantages and disadvantages, but under the comprehensive consideration, the advantages of millimeter wave radar are more obvious.

The advantages of millimeter wave radar in the field of robot obstacle avoidance:

1) Millimeter wave radar sensor is highly sensitive, accurate data detection, high sensitivity, small size, low power consumption, long life and strong anti-interference ability.

2) Robotic obstacle avoidance radar can detect the distance and angle of obstacles around. With a distance accuracy of 0.05 meters and an angular accuracy of 1 degree, it can provide high-precision detection data for robot path planning and 3D modeling, which is more cost-effective than currently used laser radar and ultrasonic.

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