Industry Applications

Intelligent driving
Intelligent building
Intelligent security
Robot avoidance
UAV obstacle avoidance height measurement
Human-computer interaction
Smart home
Smart medicine
Smart transportation
Parking lot
Focus on us

A big scene of artificial intelligence is human-computer interaction. With the continuous breakthroughs in semiconductor technology in the past decade, the concept of human-computer interaction has gradually shifted from a narrow sense to a broad sense. From the beginning, HCI has quietly changed into HMI, and the input methods such as a single keyboard can no longer be applied to more intelligent application scenarios. More efficient sensor technology ushered in the spring of market demand. The blooming of intelligent voice assistants has greatly inspired consumers' demand for new ways of human-computer interaction.

At present, the two main axes of millimeter wave applications are data transmission and radar detection. In other words, it is 5G and human-computer interaction, which laid the foundation for the popularity of millimeter wave applications.