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UAV refers to an unmanned aerial vehicle operated by radio remote control equipment or its own program control device.UAV technology is a comprehensive technology involving multiple technical fields, it has relatively high requirements for communication, sensors, artificial intelligence and engine technology. For many years, due to the constraints of the radar's large size, excessive weight, and UAV load capacity, most UAVs could only be equipped with optical sensors, which greatly weakened the various functions of the UAV. With the increasing maturity of radar miniaturization technology and the continuous improvement of UAV load capacity, it has become possible to equip the UAV with radar load, and gradually make it the main force of UAV payload.

The working frequency band of UAV radar has been expanded from microwave frequency band to millimeter wave frequency band. The millimeter wave radar has the advantages of small size, light weight, good adaptability on the battlefield, and strong anti-jamming capability, and is suitable for assembly inUAV. Especially the early warning radar carried by the UAV will become an important development direction.