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With the development of science and technology, criminal methods are becoming more and more advanced, and the upgrade of security systems is particularly important! In some important areas, such as airports, military bases, weapons and ammunition depots, prisons, bank vaults, museums, power plants, oil depots, high-end communities, etc., in order to prevent illegal invasions and various sabotage activities, traditional preventive measures are in these Set up some barriers or barriers (such as iron fences, fences, steel wire fences, etc.) at the outer perimeter of the area, and arrange personnel to strengthen patrols. Both human and material resources need to increase investment, but some omissions are also unavoidable.

Millimeter-wave radar brings breakthrough technological innovation to a new generation of security systems! The detection target of the security system is generally a moving object. The traditional detection method can only perceive the existence of the target, but cannot determine the specific location information of the target. The millimeter wave radar can accurately locate the target based on the detected distance, speed, and direction of motion of the moving object.