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With the accelerated development of urbanization, the world's cities are plagued by "urban diseases", "smart cities" have emerged as the times require, and "smart parks" as their important manifestations have gradually developed. With the rapid development and in-depth application of new rounds of information technologies such as the global Internet of Things, mobile Internet, cloud computing, and big data, the construction of "smart parks" will be an inevitable development trend.

The so-called smart park refers to the integration of a new generation of information and communication technologies, with automatic information collection, timely information transmission, highly centralized management and control, intelligent transaction processing, and the ability to provide services anytime, anywhere, to achieve timely, effective, integrated and interactive information in the park Perception, transmission and processing, with advanced management concepts, with the aim of improving the industrial clustering capacity of the park, the economic competitiveness of enterprises, and the sustainable development of the park.