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Intelligent driving
Intelligent building
Intelligent security
Robot avoidance
UAV obstacle avoidance height measurement
Human-computer interaction
Smart home
Smart medicine
Smart transportation
Parking lot
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Smart healthcare is an important application of people's livelihood in the strategic planning of smart cities. It is also an industry upgrade and economic growth point driven by the people's livelihood economy. Its construction and application are the general trend. In recent years, various departments of the national government have actively promoted policies to promote the development of smart healthcare.

The next few years will be a period of rapid development of smart medical construction in China. Under the guidance of the new medical reform plan, the government will increase investment in local smart medical construction, and more medical institutions will participate in the construction of informatization. Some medical institutions with better information construction will also commit to building a more advanced hospital management system to enhance their competitiveness and bring better medical experience to the general population.