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Automated production line

Microbrain have 1600m² Dust-free workshop with completely independent intellectual property rights. The production line consist of complete system process automatic equipment such as: radar assembly machine upper shell feeding machine, PCBA feeding machine, marking machine, assembly machine, conducting strip machine with conducting striping feeding machine, base feeding machine, pressure holding machine, assembly machine, laser engraving machine, air tightness testing machine, double-layer transport equipment, aging disc corner feeder, aging machine, transfer machine, dark room test. The annual production capacity is around 600,000 radars. It is capable enough for mass and automated production. Its technical level and investment scale are in the leading position in the domestic millimeter-wave radar field, which ensure the strong product supply,high cost performance, high stability and consistency.

Microwave Anechoic Chamber

The company has built a 180m² Microwave Anechoic Chamber, which can be used for many R&D tests of 76-81GHz band millimeter-wave radar, such as radar antenna pattern, radar speed resolution, and multi-target detection capability evaluation. The dark room is composed of a test dark room and a control room. The test dark room is equipped with a spike-type absorbing material, a three-axis turntable and a turntable guide rail, etc. The control room is equipped with operating stations and test control instruments. Among them, the absorbing efficiency of the absorbing material is -40dB, which can effectively absorb most of the electromagnetic energy incident on the six inner walls, and the reflection is extremely small, which can better simulate free space. The three-axis turntable can realize azimuth axis, pitch axis, roll axis and other motion posture scanning tests, which greatly improves the product yield and detection efficiency.